Friday, 29 April 2016

Travel- A means to aquaint with Nature

A hippie lifestyle was a trend long back but now I guess someone saying they wanna sit at home or have a quality time with family seems to be trending. Since when did the quaint of traveling start trending?
 If u ask a youth what they really wanna do in life? or their idea of happiness?
The answer is 'Travel'. 

Myself being a wanderlust I would love to spend my spare time and earnings on traveling. But tonight I was  wondering why do we love to travel? What is the hist of traveling?

Some of us travel for peace of mind or to seclude ourselves from our routine lives, few travel for purposes, and another section travels to explore new things. Ultimately Nature is the answer to the equation you create for the travel.
Traveling helps one to acquaint with nature more effusively. Nature is the best teacher and being a dedicated student can elevate you from being a mere mortal to a spiritual being. Every one has their own way to enjoy their travel. There is this friend of mine who go for long drives to talk to himself. It sounds funny but don't you think its the best way to deal with stress and deep in our heart we all talk to ourselves. 

Well my point is that, what we all need is a bonding with nature and travel is the means that we all use to acquaint with nature.
Travel helps u grow mentally. Somewhere traveling is a form of exercising one`s liberty!

Even when we travel across boundaries to study and explore different cultures or traditions,
that's again mother nature who is teaching us lessons we desire to learn. Isn't?

They say;
"Don't tell me how much u have learnt but tell me how much you have traveled"
"I would like to have a passport full of stamps than a house full of stuffs"

Vicky Christina Barcelona -Movie review

It was my junior who suggested me this movie. I knew it was something intense, But ohh my goodness never expected this much. The director Woody Allen might have taken immense efforts to bring out his brainchild at its best.

The Story is based on human psychology when you`re attracted to someone. It helps us to analyze ourselves what is love and what falls into the category of love. Infatuation, crush and one night stand when wrapped up with intense emotions keeps the audience on the cliff-edge.

Movie focuses on four characters mainly. Two friends, Vicky and Christina who travels to Barcelona for a summer and involves with a native to just discover themselves what they are and what they want out of love.

The movie did justice to me since Spain is one country I always want to visit especially to explore the traditions, festivals, culture and art.

 The Most highlighting element of the movie as well as my favorite among Allen`s creativity was the Character Maria Elena. The fact that the movie has a simple narration which kinda ease the audience when involved in such complex situations on screen, was really thoughtful.